Carpet Needs to be Cleaned: 6 Important Indicators for Carpet Cleaning

How do you know your carpet needs to be cleaned? You may vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to maintain its life. Our expert carpet cleaners have always stressed regular carpet cleaning so that your carpet remains in good shape and does not pollute the air in your house. While vacuuming the carpet yourself may seem more convenient and cost-effective, however, it may not be as useful as a professional carpet cleaning service. Now you may be wondering when is the time your carpet needs to be cleaned professionally, right?

While you should get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year, always make sure you get the right carpet cleaning service that suits your carpet. But what about the indicators that tell you when your carpet needs to be cleaned? Do not worry, we are going to discuss the indicators for carpet cleaning in this blog. So hold on to your seat belts and sit back tight while you go on a ride of some important carpet cleaning indicators.

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How to Tell Your Carpet Needs to be Cleaned?

Carpet Has Discoloration

carpet discoloration is an indicator that your carpet needs to be cleaned- Shiny Cleaners Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and GTA.

We all know that a carpet enhances the beauty of your whole room as it brings everything together. However, with time and traffic, your carpet’s color may not remain the way it used to be when you first brought it to your house. With people walking on the carpet, your carpet starts to get dirty due to dust and dirt getting accumulated inside it. Since a lot of dirt and dust has settled in your carpet, the color of your carpet turns brown or, even yellow in some cases. Now, this is a sign that tells your carpet needs to be cleaned.

Discoloration of your carpet not only ruins the look of your room but also your carpet’s look. Whenever, you notice your carpet’s color to have become odd, contact your nearest carpet cleaner right away. Expert carpet cleaning will help to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust from your carpet and bring back its original, and fresh color because of the professional cleaning equipment.

Your Carpet Smells Bad

odor from carpet is an indicator that your carpet needs to be cleaned- Shiny Cleaners Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and GTA.

Your carpet not only beautifies your whole house but also protects your tiles from any damage that could have been due to heavy traffic in your house. However, while the carpet protects your floor, it is also important to clean your floor regularly as well because a dirty floor would not do good to your lovely carpet. How? The dust and dirt gather on the floor, which then starts to get inside the carpet. Due to irregular carpet cleaning, your carpet starts to release a bad odor. Not only this, but if you have pets, they tend to soil your carpet which then causes your carpet to smell bad.

A bad odor from your carpet is a sign that your carpet needs to be cleaned. Once you get a good carpet cleaning from a reliable carpet cleaning service, we suggest you also properly clean the floor beneath your carpet. Your carpet’s life also depends on how clean you keep the floor of your house. Moreover, for pet stain removal from your elegant plush carpet, head over to our blogs; How to Remove Pet Urine Stains and Odor from Your Carpet and 11 Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners. Here we give you amazing and simple tips to tackle pet stains and odor on your carpet.

There are Stains all Over Your Carpet

stains on the carpet are an indicator that your carpet needs to be cleaned- Shiny Cleaners Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and GTA.

Spills are unpredictable, right? Who would want to throw a glass of wine on their carpet just for fun? Since you cannot prevent spills, from happening, you must know how to get rid of them quickly because untouched stains can be a problem for you. If you do not get rid of the stains from your carpet on time, they settle in on your carpet and reach its deeper fibers. This causes your carpet to be discolored, and its soft texture starts to get hard over time. Hence, whenever you see your carpet is full of stains, this means your carpet needs to be cleaned.

We suggest you immediately call professional carpet cleaning to your aid because they use the finest carpet cleaners and machines to get rid of the stubborn stains from your carpet. When your carpet is relieved of all the stains, you will not able to recognize it since the stains had caused its beauty to disappear. Moreover, your carpet will regain its soft texture that had been lost due to the stubborn stains destroying its fiber.

Your Carpet Has Not Been Cleaned for a Long Time

carpet not cleaned for a long time means your carpet needs to be cleaned- Shiny Cleaners Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and GTA.

Having a dark-colored carpet in your living room can be classy. While a dark-colored carpet may uplift the whole mood of your room, it may not do you much good. Why so? Because dark carpets tend to hide stains, spills, molds, and dust well than light-colored carpets. This is why you may feel your carpet does not require cleaning at all as it appears to be clean. If you are an owner of a dark-colored carpet, and you have not gotten your carpet cleaned for a very long tie, this means your carpet needs to be cleaned.

Black or navy blue-colored carpets should be cleaned more often than any light-colored ones so that your carpet can be relieved of any hidden stains, mud, and dirt. Properly inspect your carpet often so that you keep track of your carpet’s situation and prevent it from lasting, irreparable damage.

Molds Start to Show up on Your Carpet

mold growth on carpet means your carpet needs to be cleaned- Shiny Cleaners Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and GTA.

No matter how hard you try to take good care of your carpet, but there comes a time when your carpet needs to be cleaned. And one of the reasons is mold growth. You may quickly get rid of any spills, and liquids from your carpet. Good job there! However, if the back of your carpet is wet, then mold growth is inevitable. If molds remain untouched, your carpet will start to smell bad and appear dirty after some time. This is because the mold destroys the carpet fiber from its root.

For this reason, we suggest professional carpet cleaning because carpet cleaners have the duty to properly dry your carpet after the cleaning process. While cleaning the carpet yourself, you may forget to dry the carpet’s back and this can lead to mold growth on your carpet and damage it.

Allergies at Your Place Have Started to Increase

increased allergies mean your carpet needs to be cleaned- Shiny Cleaners Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and GTA.

The accumulated dust and dirt in your carpet will pollute the air inside your house. Since the air you breathe in is no longer fresh, you may get allergies such as sneezing, coughing, or even in some cases, breathing issues. When you and your family experience an increase in allergies, we suggest this is the time your carpet needs to be cleaned. Head to your nearest carpet cleaner to relieve your carpet and air from the unrequited dust and dirt particles. Carpet cleaning with help you and your family to remain healthy since the air you would be breathing in would be cleaner and fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Necessary?

Yes. Professional carpet cleaning is very important because professional carpet cleaners use the best carpet cleaning equipment and solutions to get rid of dust, dirt, and molds from your carpet.

How Long Does a Carpet Take to Dry After Steam Cleaning?

Since steam carpet cleaning uses a lot of water during the carpet cleaning process, it takes around 5-6 hours to dry completely. This is why we suggest you get your carpets steam cleaned in the evening so that they have the whole night to dry properly.

How Important is Deep Carpet Cleaning?

Always get carpet cleaning services that deep clean your carpets. Your carpet needs to be cleaned deeply because other carpet cleaning services only remove dirt and dust from the carpet’s surface, and not the fiber.