7 Useful Tips for Vacuuming Carpets at Home

Our shiny cleaners have a piece of bonus advice for you, and that is: Vacuum your carpets regularly. While we do advise you to get your carpets professionally cleaned every 8 to 10 months, however, regular carpet cleaning on your own is a must. Vacuuming carpets can prevent them from early wear and tear, and help them last longer. Not only this, but vacuuming can also be helpful to protect your carpets from any unnecessary dust, dirt, and mold, that could have been dangerous to your health.

However, you might have heard people saying that vacuuming can be dangerous for your carpet as it can destroy its fabric. They say this because of the rotating brush of your vacuum which might pull your carpet’s fibers and ruin it. But worry no more. Professional carpet cleaners at Shiny Cleaners have thoroughly researched the possible impacts of vacuum cleaning, and have prepared some expert tips on vacuuming carpets at home.

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Can Vacuum Cleaning Damage My Carpet?

Wool Carpets

While vacuuming carpets is a recommended practice by our expert carpet cleaners, however, some carpet types do not wear well after getting vacuumed. Wool, or woven carpets are very delicate as their fiber is only knit together. These carpets do not have any support unlike synthetic carpets, which have their fiber glued together.

This is why, vacuum cleaners with rotating beater bars are risky for wool, or woven carpets because their bristles break the fiber knots. This, as a result, ruins your carpet rather than cleaning it. So, all those wool carpet owners out there, remember not to use a beater bar vacuum on your carpet if you want it to last longer.

Wet Carpets

Many of us do not realize how hazardous the combination between your vacuum cleaner and wet carpet can be. Your basic household vacuum cleaner does not have the power to clean your wet carpet as it is only designed for dry surfaces. If you try to vacuum clean a wet carpet, it will have two impacts:

  • Dust particles in your vacuum cleaner’s brush can stick to the wet carpet, making it dirtier
  • Water particles from your carpet can destroy the motor of your vacuum cleaner

For these reasons, our carpet cleaning experts want you to refrain from vacuuming wet carpets with your basic vacuum cleaner. If you do not want to invest in a wet-dry vacuum cleaner and still wish to use your existing one, then always dry your carpet in the sun, or turn on the fan. Only then, vacuum your carpet after it is free from all the moisture inside it.

Tips for Vacuuming Carpets at Home

Vacuum Maintenance

Just like your carpet needs cleaning to last longer, similarly, your vacuum cleaner needs regular maintenance for better results. Unkept vacuum cleaners can tear your carpet so bad that you might not be able to fix it again. This is why we want you to look after the maintenance of your vacuum cleaner.

Before vacuuming carpets, always make sure that your cleaner is working well, and you hear no odd sounds from it. Odd sounds can indicate problems in the motor of your vacuum, and this means you need to get it checked by a professional. Moreover, always clean the dustbins of your vacuum cleaner before you start vacuuming your carpet, so that no extra dust penetrates your carpet’s fibers.

Machine Settings

This is important. Before vacuuming, always make sure the settings on your vacuum cleaner are according to your carpet type. Because every carpet type may survive a different vacuum setting. It is also better to once consult your vacuum’s manual so that you familiarize yourself with your vacuum cleaner’s functions. All this will prevent your carpet from any unrequired damage.


We recommend you use vacuum cleaners that have a rotating brush, or beating bar, however, avoid using them on your wool carpet. Also, keep in mind to let the vacuum brush just touch your carpet, and do not let it rub against it. This will prevent the carpet fiber from accumulating together, and ruining your carpet. Keep the brush on a certain height over your carpet for better dust collection, and results.

Before vacuuming carpets, always check your vacuum brush to avoid any unwanted carpet damage.


Adjust the height of your vacuum cleaner before you start with carpet cleaning. Different types of carpets require a different height settings. High pile carpets need a higher heightened vacuum as compared to thick loop carpets. If the height of your vacuum cleaner is too high, it might not be able to take in the dust particles from your carpet. But, if the height is too low, it may destroy your carpet fiber, making it look worn out. Always do a patch test before running the vacuum cleaner on your carpet. This will help you to get the idea of the right vacuum height for your carpet.


Vacuums with greater suction powers may make you feel relaxed since it is supposed to get rid of the dust and dirt that is embedded deep in your carpet, right? However, greater suction may not be as useful as it seems to be because it can damage your carpet very badly. Sealed suctions should always be avoided for thicker, high pile carpets as you will not be able to clean your carpet at all.

Always do a patch test with your vacuum’s suction on your carpet so that it gives you an idea of whether you can use the vacuum on your carpet, or not.

Speed Adjustment

When talking about the speed of your vacuum cleaner while vacuuming carpets, always make sure that the speed is not too high, or not too low. The speed of your vacuum should be moderate, so much so, that it can easily such dirt from your carpet, and avoid damaging it. Remember to be gentle while moving the vacuum cleaner across your carpet, and avoid vigorously moving it. Vigorous movement can press down your carpet’s fiber, ruining your carpet.

Oily Soil

You can prevent dust, and dirt from entering your house. However, is it possible to avoid oily soils? No. Oily soils cannot be avoided since it is dirt that gets mixed with oils released from humans, pets, and grease. This oily soil gets trapped inside your carpet and it also attracts dust particles from the air towards it. For this reason, our expert carpet cleaners want you to vacuum your carpets regularly so that less oily soil remains in your carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Vacuum My Carpet?

Our expert cleaners always recommend you vacuum your carpets once, daily because we do not want any dust and dirt accumulating on your carpet.

What is the Best Way to Vacuum My Carpet?

Gently vacuum your carpet in one direction, once, and avoid constantly moving your vacuum over one spot.

For How Long Should I Vacuum My Carpet?

Vacuuming carpets is not about the time you take to vacuum, rather it is about how effectively you vacuum your carpet. Start from one spot, and vacuum in a straight line covering the whole carpet as you move on.