6 Common Pet Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Pets are not only cute and good companions but also great stress relievers to have around in your home. However, pet carpet cleaning can be quite a tedious task and requires a lot of care and attention. Fur, nails and urine can make a mess on your carpet and you need to act quickly so the mess doesn’t become a bother and problem for you. You need to use the proper items and also need to avoid making the common mistakes most owners make in pet carpet cleaning.

In some cases when you don’t have enough time and equipment, you may need to call a professional carpet cleaner to help you in cleaning the carpet and ridding it off any pet caused stains. If you want to clean the carpet yourself, then we at Shiny Carpet Cleaners have prepared this blog about common carpet cleaning tips for pet owners and mistakes you need to avoid making.

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Common Pet Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

The following are the mistakes which pet owners often make when they are cleaning pet stains. Here are the consequences of the mistakes. You can also read this for more information about pet carpet cleaning.

Not Grooming Pets Regularly

Grooming pets involves the cutting of hair and nails so that they don’t damage your furniture especially the carpet. The nails will cause damage by scratching your carpet. Their fur can also easily drop off on your carpet. It is best to groom your pet regularly as to avoid damage. In winters, when pet fur grows quickly so then you will need to groom your pet so that less fur will fall on the carpet thus taking less time and will require less effort in cleaning. Pet hair and dandruff may also accumulate and build up faster in the carpet.

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Not Vacuuming Regularly

Vacuuming regularly will remove any hair or dander which can cause illness and allergies to your family members and guests. Vacuuming regularly is a part of keeping pets. A vacuum will suck up the fur or any loose dirt particles which will fall on the carpet surface. A wet-dry vacuum will work best for you when cleaning pets mess.

A water filter will take up any excess water so also use a water filter. People who have more than 1 pet should vacuum daily. An alternative method for vacuuming is a carpet rake which has rubber bristles which will put the hair out of the carpet quite well.

Use of Toilet Papers and Rags

Using toilet papers and rags for pet carpet cleaning is not a good and reliable method for cleaning. Instead this will push the mess further deep into the carpet and extracting that is a difficult job. That is the opposite of what we are trying to do. The alternative method is to use a putty knife which can be bought from your nearby hardware store. This can easily scrape off the mess quite easily. You can also use a dustpan which is built for scraping off mess.

Not Acting Quickly

If you do not act quickly after the mess has been caused it will result in the stain and other issues as well because the stain will move further deep into the carpet making it more difficult in removing it. Undesirable odors which you would never want to smell will be created and you will be forced to remove and replace the carpet.

Scrubbing the carpet

Again, scrubbing the carpet in pet carpet cleaning will result in the mess moving more deeper into the carpet maybe into your padding or even your sub-flooring making it more difficult to clean. Paper towels and blotting will clean when cleaning urine. Make sure to be careful and gentle when cleaning the mess as doing the opposite will just result the mess being more stubborn and difficult to remove.

Not Cleaning Liquid First

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The urine should be cleaned first so that it doesn’t go deep into the carpet and extraction will then become quite difficult. Carpets are very absorbent as they absorb much but they don’t dry. A handheld extractor is the best option in cleaning urine but if you are on a tight budget, then you can also use paper towels while blotting them is also another idea. It is safe to use paper towels because we are not cleaning solid mess, instead we are simply cleaning urine.

Household items used for Pet Carpet Cleaning

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Homemade remedies for pet carpet cleaning is not at all an efficient method as it just masks the odor for a small amount of time and the smell will return and they don’t eliminate the cause. The only advantage of homemade recipes are that they are eco-friendly and they do not contain harmful chemicals. Using these items will end up in a cycle of rinse and repeat as the removal of stains and odors are for a short time. As the removal is not permanent it will encourage your pet into using the carpet again as it’s bathroom.

The alternative method for homemade methods are products which are made for cleaning the sort of particular mess. Look for products containing enzymes and bio enzymatic cleaners which can remove any stain and also those which are deep in the carpet without damaging the carpet at all. Make sure to be having a bio-enzymatic cleaner which will break up any type of stain including the leftover stains as well.

Methods to not use for pet carpet cleaning

The methods which are to not be used and they will just damage the carpet are:

Steam Cleaning: Steam cleaning will just make the stains and odor more stubborn and remain on the carpet. The heat will break down in the fibers and will make it worse.

Using rags: Using rags for a solid mess will just worsen the mess and it will make it more stuck up. Be sure to not use rags and instead use a putty knife or dustpan.


What pet carpet cleaning supplies are toxic to dogs?

Products which contain ammonia, bleach should not be used for pet carpet cleaning. Disinfectants containing benzalkonium chloride and fragrances containing phthalates will be harmful to dogs as the chemicals they contain can be harmful to dogs which inhale this.

How can pet odors be removed from the carpet?

Pet odors can be removed by using chemicals cleaner, exposing to sunlight and use of baking soda and vinegar with water can remove smelly odors. If these are not possible then call a professional carpet cleaner who also remove odors. Remove odors quick or the pet will think the place as it’s territory.

You can read more about removal of pet urine and other undesirable odors by reading this blog.

Which carpet cleaner is best for removing urine?

Oxidizing agents, enzymatic cleaners, perfumes and orange-oil based cleaners can remove the liquid mess easily. This will easily mask the odor while also replacing it with a fresh odor.