Best Guide on How to Remove Makeup Stains from Your Carpet

Have you ever spilled makeup on your lovely carpet because you were getting late for the party? Now you stand there wondering what to do. We suggest you remove makeup stains from your carpet on time. But, how? Will vigorously rubbing the stain with water help remove it. Definitely, not. Rubbing will only make the makeup stain worse.

Shiny Cleaners has been offering affordable, reliable, and trustworthy carpet repair services to its valued customers for a good amount of time now. Our professional team at Shiny Cleaners consists of energetic, motivated, and skilled people. We aim to make your carpets new, just like the day you bought them for yourself. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best and easy tips for your carpet care. So, after years of service, we are here to offer you some useful tips and tricks to get rid of makeup stains on your carpet.

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Some Basic Makeup Stain Removing Tips

  • Quickly get rid of the makeup stain from your carpet. Makeup stains can get to the deep fibers of your carpet if they stay there for a longer time. This can damage your carpet.
  • Use a vacuum in case of a powdered product, such as face powder and blush. Vacuuming will help to get rid of the powder even from the deeper parts of your carpet.
  • Scrape off the liquid amkeup with a knife or a spoon, and avoid pressing it down on your carpet.
  • If you are using a makeup-removing product to get rid of the makeup stain, make sure it is safe for your carpet. Some makeup-removing products can destroy your carpet’s fiber and make it hard.
  • Avoid directly using makeup remover on your carpet.
  • Lastly, if you feel makeup stain removal is impossible at home, contact Shiny Cleaners. We will be there to help you out in getting rid of those cranky makeup stains.

Remove Makeup Stains from Carpet

Different makeup stains require different cleaning techniques. But do not worry, we got them all covered just for you.

Foundation Stain

 Foundation Makeup Stains

Foundation stains are a bit stubborn because of their sticky texture. This is why cleaning foundation from your carpet can be a tricky thing to do in the first place. But worry no more. Experts at Shiny Cleaners have brought forward 2 of their best foundation stain cleaning tricks for you.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

  • Use a spoon to scrape excess foundation from your carpet
  • Dip a white cloth in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Now gently dab the cloth on the makeup stain
  • Continue doing this. Make sure you use a clean side of the cloth for every dab till the makeup stain disappears
  • Pour clean water on the stained area so that hydrogen peroxide is removed from your carpet

Soap-Water Solution

  • Use a spoon to scrape the excess foundation from your carpet
  • Take some cold water and add 2 to 3 drops of dishwashing soap
  • Dip a clean cloth in the water-soap mixture
  • Gently dab on the stain and avoid rubbing
  • Dab on the stain till the time the satin disappears
  • Use a wet paper towel to clean off any excess water-soap mixture from your carpet
  • Let your carpet dry
  • Vacuum on the stained area once your carpet dries

Removing Lipstick Stains

Lipstick Makeup Stains

Another type of stubborn makeup stain is lipstick stain. The more a lipstick’s formula is long-lasting, the more stubborn lipstick stain is. Rubbing the stain in your carpet will only make the stain worse. This is why we suggest you leave the stain as is and follow our lipstick stain removing trick.

  • Add a few drops of vinegar to the water
  • Now damp a white microfiber cloth in the vinegar-water solution
  • Dap the cloth on the stain and blot the stain out
  • After the stain is removed, damp a clean microfiber cloth in a detergent-water solution
  • Dab the cloth on the area where the stain was to clean any vinegar-water solution from your carpet
  • Let your carpet dry

Eyeshadow Makeup Stains

Remove Eyeshadow Makeup Stains

While eyeshadows enhance your complete look, their stains on your carpet can destroy the carpet’s whole aesthetic. Getting eyeshadow out of carpets can be a bit difficult, especially if they are oil-based. However, our experts have designed a quick and easy trick to solve this carpet accident.

  • Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the stain
  • Gently dab the hydrogen peroxide, with a white microfiber cloth, throughout the stain. Avoid rubbing the cloth over the stain
  • Rest it there for 3-5 minutes
  • Use a microfiber cloth and gently blot out the stain
  • Now dip a clean microfiber cloth in water and dab it over the stained area to get rid of any hydrogen peroxide
  • Dry the stained area with a clean, dry cloth

Remove Mascara Makeup Stains from Carpet

Mascara Makeup Stains

Mascara makes your lashes magically lovely. But if it spills on your carpet, nothing seems magical at all. Mascara stains can ruin your beautiful plush carpet. But worry no more. Shiny Cleaners is here to help you. Here are the steps you will follow to remove mascara from your lovely plush carpet.

  • Take a white microfiber cloth and add a few drops of makeup remover to it
  • Lightly dab the cloth on the stain
  • Continue to dab till the stain disappears
  • Now use another white microfiber cloth and soak it with water
  • Apply the damp cloth over the stained area to get rid of any excess makeup remover
  • Dry the area with a dry microfiber cloth

Getting Nail Polish Stains Out of Carpet

Nail Polish Makeup Stains

Nail polish can get easily spilled on your carpet, and form a very bad stain on it. If it’s clear nail polish, you are lucky. But if a colored nail polish spills on your carpet, your carpet is ruined.

But hold on. Do not panic. You can easily get nail polish stains out of your carpet using these simple steps.

  • Blot out the nail polish with a clean white cloth. Avoid rubbing it inside your carpet.
  • If the nail polish has dried, try removing the hardened nail polish with your fingers.
  • Use a clean cloth and dip it in acetone. You can get acetone from Amazon or any nearby store.
  • Dab the cloth on the stain until it disappears
  • Safety concern: Do not inhale acetone. It is highly inflammable

Stains, other than makeup stains, can be very tricky to remove as well. But do not worry, experts at Shiny Cleaners have tried and tested some of the best carpet stain removers for you. These carpet cleaning products are the finest ones and are safe for your lovely carpets. In case of a carpet accident, use a carpet stain remover from our given list.