Discover the Difference Between Plush and Textured Carpets

Selecting the right carpet for your home can be a bit tricky and confusing because carpets come in many textures, and styles. From pile height, the material of carpet fiber to its style; each of these can change the look of your whole room. Also, each type of carpet has separate maintenance and care requirements. To get the perfect match for your room, it is important you know the types of various different carpets present in the market.

Now, what is the difference between plush and textured carpets? What are the pros and cons of each? Which carpet best suits your home? Do not worry, we are here to guide your way to the best fit for your home.

How are Plush and Textured Carpets Different From Eachother?

Plush and textured carpets are from the cut pile group of carpets. However, the difference between plush and textured carpets is due to the way both carpets are made. While a textured carpet has its yarn in different heights, this makes a lovely pattern on the carpet. Yarn is of the same height in a plush carpet and is densely placed together, making it softer than a textured carpet.

Cut Pile Carpet

Carpets come in two major types. Cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpets have their yarn visible because the yarn loops are cut from in between. Cut pile carpets are softer than loop pile carpets, that is why they are better for residential use. Also, cut pile carpets are strong because the carpet yarn is twisted. This prevents the carpet from any crushing and helps it to maintain its shape.

Textured Carpet

Textured Carpet: Difference Between Plush and Textured Carpets

One way that points towards the difference between plush and textured carpets is the way their yarn is set. The carpet yarn is tightly twisted in a textured carpet. This makes the yarn go in different directions, making a lovely texture and pattern on the carpet. Talking about the pattern; waves, diamonds, lines, and even monochromes emerge in textured carpeting. All of this depends on the thickness of yarn, its height, and the way they are placed in the carpet; they control what kind of pattern will form.

Textured carpets are mostly made using synthetic yarn. The yarn is set in the carpet by using a steamer that pushes it down and a pattern is made. As heating is used in the carpet-making process, this is why more focus is on using synthetic yarn for the carpet.

Advantages of Textured Carpets


Some carpets have their yarn so loose that it easily comes out. This might not be a problem for you, but it is dangerous for small children and pets. They can swallow the yarn which can make them sick. However, textured carpets have tightly twisted yarn, which is steam pressed, this prevents the yarn from breaking loose. As the yarn stays intact, it is safe to say that textured carpets are children and pet-friendly.

High Traffic

Textured carpets are mostly fit for places that have higher movement such as homes and offices. These carpets can easily face high traffic without wear and tear. Also, it prevents any footmarks from forming on the carpet that would have destroyed its beauty.

No Dents

Dents from furniture can easily be seen on most carpets. This does not only destroy the beauty of your carpet, but it also makes its surface uneven. However, this is not the case with textured carpets. As the yarn is tightly twisted, the carpet does not lose its shape with furniture denting. You can barely see any dents on a textured carpet.

Easy to Clean

Stains and spills can easily be wiped off from a textured carpet. It is an ideal carpet for your child’s room as it can be cleaned without the hassle of getting professional help.

Disadvantages of Textured Carpets

Not Very Soft

Plush carpets are soft, but textured carpets are not. They are a bit rough due to the way the yarn is set in them.

Synthetic Yarn

Synthetic yarn carpets might not always be the right choice as they can cause allergies to some people.


An important difference between plush and textured carpets is that textured carpets can easily be snagged. This can reduce its life and you might have to change your carpet regularly because of this.

Plush Carpet

Plush Carpet: Difference Between Plush and Textured Carpets

Just as the name suggests, plush carpets are soft and have a velvety texture. The yarn in a plush carpet is densely packed. This means a lot of yarn is packed together. This gives a soft, and comfortable sensation for your feet, and at the same time makes this a major difference between plush and textured carpets. Plush carpets are usually seen as a symbol of luxury and elegance. They can be made with real and synthetic yarn.

Plush carpets are also called the velvet cut pile because of their elegance and beautiful look.

Advantages of a Plush Carpet


Plush carpets look beautiful and give an amazing aesthetic vibe to your room because of their makeup. It beautifully brings together everything in the room and becomes an important part of décor. These carpets would look great in the living room, drawing room, and even in office meeting rooms.

Highly Durable

As textured carpets are prone to snagging, plush carpets prove to be highly durable. Because of this, plush carpets last longer than textured carpets. Your carpet can last from 6 to 7 months, with proper care, so you do not have to change your carpet frequently.


As textured carpets might feel a bit rough under your feet, plush carpets are soft and comfortable for people walking barefoot.

Disadvantages of a Plush Carpet

Not Good for High Traffic

Plush carpets should not be put in high traffic areas. Footprints start to show up and they are difficult to get rid of. This destroys the beauty of the carpet and, at the same time, the look of the whole room. Also, high movement can fade the color of the carpet and make it look old.

Difficult to Clean

A difference between plush and textured carpets is that plush carpets are very difficult to clean. Dirt and dust can easily get stuck in these carpets, and at the same time, it is difficult to get them out. As the dirt stays there your carpet starts to turn brown and dirt patches start to appear. This is why you should immediately take care of any spills or stains to avoid any discoloration. Also, vacuum marks can easily be seen on plush carpets.

Shows Furniture Dents

Plush carpets are very soft that is why it is easier to see the dents caused by furniture. These dents make the carpet look bumpy and cause the carpet to lose its beauty.

Our Recommendation?

We shared the difference between plush and textured carpets with you so that it is easier for you to decide which carpet is best for your home. None of the two carpets is good or bad, you can have both of them placed in your house according to the traffic in a particular area.

For high traffic areas, we recommend you use a plush carpet because it is easier to clean. But for low trafficked areas of your house, you can use a lovely textured carpet.


Does a Textured Carpet Wear Well?

As yarn in a textured carpet is twisted tightly, this makes the carpet stand against high traffic and rough use. Also, the pattern on a textured carpet helps to hide any wear and tear.

Can I Use a Plush Carpet for my Bedroom?

Yes, because plush carpets have a very soft and comfortable texture. Their soft texture and aesthetic look make them look perfect for your room.

How Often Should I Get my Carpets Cleaned?

You should professionally get your carpets deep cleaned every 12 to 15 months. But, as there is a difference between plush and textured carpets, you can get Shiny Cleaners’ deep cleaning services for your textured carpets every 10 to 12 months.

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