5 Hazards and Problems Caused Due to Dirty Carpets

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Whether if you have guests coming over to your house or even just yourself coming tired after a long day and you are faced with the sight of a dirty carpet sitting right in your lounge, your reaction will be one of disgust. Carpets are one of the most important decorations of a room and play a major role in elevating the appearance of the room. So, if you have a dirty carpet lying in your home, it may cause you embarrassment or maybe also be the reason for you being afflicted by allergies and health conditions.

Hence, it goes without saying that clean carpets not only give your home a fresh appearance but also means that the dust inside of your home is kept low thus reducing the chances of allergies and other non-desirable symptoms. Professional carpet cleaning ensures that your carpet is optimally cleaned, and its life is also increased.

Shiny Carpet Cleaners is a well reputed brand in the carpet cleaning industry, and we have listed down  7 hazards and problems caused due to dirty carpets. If you are located in the GTA region (Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville or Milton), you can reach out to Shiny Carpet Cleaners at 289-236-0898 or email us at info@shinycleaners.ca for professional carpet cleaning services.

Health Risks Due to Dirty Carpets

Development of Allergies

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Allergies are caused when your immune system responds to any foreign substance (e.g dust, pollen etc). In the case of dirty carpets, certain harmful substances like mold and carpet dust may accumulate leading to the development of certain allergies due to the prolonged buildup and accumulation of these substances in the carpet fibers and surface.

Over exposure to such substances may cause an allergy attack which can be characterized by wheezing, sneezing and coughing and can be especially prominent in those people who are already allergy prone. You can read more about different allergies caused due to unclean carpets.

Hence it is advisable to clean dirty carpets whenever possible by either vacuuming regularly or hiring a professional carpet cleaner to lessen the chances of allergies developing due to poor maintenance and condition of carpets.

Respiratory Problems

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The development of molds and dust mites on the surface of your carpet as well as on the inner fibers are one of the main reasons for different issues being caused as a result of dirty carpets. These molds flourish in dirty carpets and are thus able to attract different sorts of bacteria and allergens (which cause allergies). When you move about in your house and around your carpet, these particles may be freed from the carpet surface and may get circulated in the air of your house.

The inhalation of these undesirable substances can cause development of certain respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms. Respiratory problems may involve the movement of these substances into your respiratory tract and causing breathing issues as well as persistent coughing. It is also worth noting that vacuuming may result in these small particles dislodging from the carpet surface and fibers and into the air which may be breathed in by you and your loved ones.

This problem is particularly common in the case of little children who crawl upon the dirty carpet surface and thus will inadvertently inhale these dangerous particles posing health risks to their developing immune systems.

Skin Irritation Problems

Another one of the many health hazards caused due to dirty carpets arises from the presence of dust mites on the surface. Some common skin irritation issues caused due to dirty carpets may be aggravated by these particles which may include athlete’s foot, rashes and itchy skin. These issues may persist even with a regular cleaning schedule as dust mites are miniscule in size and may not be cleaned easily.

For example, when you walk barefoot on your old dirty carpet, you can suffer from athlete’s foot while if you are suffering from an open wound on your feet’s skin, then bacteria and fungus may come in contact as well. Skin asthma related problems and attacks may occur due to dirt and dust from the unclean carpet. Thus it is essential to maintain and clean your carpet regularly to prevent these health problems from occurring.

Stomach Illness

With regards to certain carpet issues which includes dirty carpets as well as wet carpets, it is the latter which is also very dangerous. Wet carpets can be a direct reason for stomach related illnesses which includes infection and irritation because of mycotoxins being present. These are a form of microbes that originate from mold and can result in a weak immune system.

Due to the small particles that cause these issues, the health risks of dirty carpets are quite extreme as salmonella which is a bacterial infection of the intestines can originate due to unclean carpets resulting in stomach illness and pains. You can read more about some germs that live in dirty carpets.

Mental Anguish

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This is another dangerous yet often overlooked health hazard that is part of the dirty carpet issues. Dust from carpet fibers may settle down within the carpet and will directly lead to the development of different dust mites and molds which will not only negatively impact your physical health and cause the numerous aforementioned problems but it will also impact your mental health. Face it, no one likes to be confronted with a dirty and foul-smelling carpet full of toxic substances.

Not only that but since dirty carpets can cause your child to become sick or may cause a flea infestation in your precious home, it will negatively impact you and your loved ones thus causing you an undue amount of stress and mental anguish. Hence it is advised to regularly clean your carpet by vacuuming it or avoiding dirty substances or you can schedule regular professional carpet cleaning services to keep your peace of mind and ridding your home of such toxic and unhealthy substances.

You can learn more about the health benefits of carpet cleaning as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dirty old carpet cause any health problems?

Yes, a dirty carpet that is old is far more likely to cause prominent health problems as compared to a new carpet. Some health problems caused includes allergies, stomach illnesses, breathing problems as well as skin irritation and not to mention the taxing effect on your mental health.

How to prevent the carpet from getting dirty?

Carpets are very prone to getting dirty easily due to their location and general appearance. You can help prevent your carpet from getting dirty by not using dirty shoes on the carpet, immediately clean any spills on the carpet surface, regular vacuuming of the carpet and scheduling regular professional carpet cleaning maintenance to prolong your carpet’s life as well.

Can carpet cause coughing?

A dirty carpet can cause coughing easily due to the presence of toxic and harmful substances such as dust mites and mold which reach your respiratory tract and act as irritants by sticking on the inner surface of your tract. This can lead to respiratory issues such as breathing issues, sneezing and coughing as well.