7 Useful Carpet Care Tips and Tricks

Carpets give a complete aesthetic vibe to your whole room. They beautifully bring everything together. Now, imagine what would happen to the vibe of your room if the same carpet is dirty or discolored. You would want to remove the carpet and get a new one, right?

Carpet care is very important. Dirt, dust, and bacteria sit on the surface of your carpet if you do not properly take care of it. After a while, it gets deep into your carpet and attacks its fiber. This makes your carpet hard, rough, and, at times, discolored. To avoid this, you must take care of your carpet well so that no dust or bacteria can dare to ruin the aesthetic of your room.

Shiny Cleaners is in the carpet cleaning industry for quite some time now. After years of experimentation and practice, we have tried to bring forward the best solution to your carpet-related problems. However, if you live in Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, or Toronto reach out to us at 289-236-0898 or email us at info@shinycleaners.ca for some amazing carpet cleaning services.

What is Carpet Care?

Have you wondered how important it is to take care of your lovely carpet? A well-kept carpet has a longer life than a carpet that has been ignored and deprived of care. When you do not look after your carpet, it wears quickly and looks bad because of discoloration.

This is why carpet care is essential. Taking care of your carpet means regularly vacuuming it, getting rid of stains as soon as possible, and avoiding bringing in the dust as much as possible.

Here, we will be sharing some of our professional carpet care tips and tricks that you can use to keep your carpets safe.

Troubling Stains on Carpet

Stains and Carpet Care

Stains can be a big problem if they are not cleaned on time. Untreated stains can go deep in your carpet and destroy its fabric. This will cause your carpet to turn brown or even yellow. Even if you take extra care to prevent your carpet from getting stained, it still does.

You must treat the stain while it is still fresh because it is easier to get rid of it then. Dry stains are difficult to get rid of since they are not present on the surface of the carpet anymore. You need a professional carpet cleaning service to get rid of them. So why not treat stains as earliest as possible?

The best way to clean a fresh stain is to use the blot stain approach. Use a piece of white-colored cloth or towel and gently blot out the stain. The cloth will suck the stain from the carpet’s surface. But remember: Do not rub the cloth on the stain. This will only make the stain worse, as rubbing will push the stain in the carpet.

Another kind of stain is gum stain. If you see chewing gum stuck in your carpet. Do not worry. Just place an ice cube on the gum stain for 3o minutes. The gum will start to soften, and you can easily get rid of it from your carpet.

If the stain on your carpet is dry, you can contact us on our helpline number and book an appointment with us. We will get back to you within 2 hours. Shiny Cleaners has a range of carpet cleaning services for you.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is a method of Carpet Cleaning

You may vacuum your carpets regularly to get rid of the dust and dirt particles, but that may not be always enough for carpet care. Vacuuming can help you get rid of dust particles from the surface of your carpet; however, it cannot reach the deeper fiber of your carpet. Dust embedded deep in your carpet turns into harmful bacteria that can cause you allergies and cough.

As a part of our carpet cleaning services, we at Shiny Cleaners offer steam cleaning services. Our staff is trained to get rid of all the dust, dirt, and bacteria embedded deep into your carpets. Our goal is to professionally clean your carpets without damaging them and make them new look just as new.

You can get our steam cleaning services by contacting us on our helpline number. Our customer care representative will book an appointment with you, and we will get back to you within 2 hours of contact.

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

Vacuum and Carpet Care

Dust and dirt do not take time to settle in your carpet. They not only get in your carpet and destroy its fabric but can also make you cough. Would you like your carpet to look dirty and would you want to cough all day? No, right?

The only way possible to get rid of them is by vacuuming your carpets daily. We know it can be boring, but there is no other way to prevent dust from entering your carpets. Vacuum your carpets as a daily carpet care practice.

Daily carpet cleaning helps to prevent dust from reaching the fiber of your carpet. Your carpet stays dust-free and looks new, just like the day you brought it home.

Cleaner Floor, Cleaner Carpet

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever thought about why your carpet is turning brown despite you vacuuming it daily? This is because the floor under your carpet has dust and dirt on it. Even if you clean your carpet regularly, the dirty floor beneath your carpet can ruin its fabric.

As a part of carpet care, we recommend you regularly clean your floor. We believe a clean floor and a healthy carpet go hand in hand. This will help to keep bacteria and dirt away from your carpet. Regular cleaning and disinfecting your floor stops the bacteria build up on your floor. At the same time, it prevents your carpet from any form of discoloration.

Use Door Mats

Outdoor Rugs are Important for Carpet Care

Your shoes bring in a lot of dust and mud inside your house. This can either stain your carpet or discolor it. Not only this, but your shoes also bring in a lot of germs as well.

We believe the best way to get rid of the dust is to place doormats outside your house. So before entering your house, do not forget to wipe off the dirt and dust on the mat. This way your house stays protected from extra germs and dust.

Improving Air Quality Inside your House

indoor - Shiny Cleaners - Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets act as protectors for your house as they trap bacteria and dust inside them, keeping the air in your house secure and clean. Regular vacuuming and steam cleaning of your carpet help you to get rid of the dust, dirt, and bacteria from your carpets. This helps to keep the air in your house clean from bacteria and prevents you from catching allergies.

Pest Control for Longer-lasting Carpets

Pest Control and Carpet Care

Pests mostly feed on your wooden furniture and spill wood powder on your carpet. Did you know this destroys the carpet fiber and makes your carpet look discolored? Also, pests can make holes in your carpet, ruining its beauty. The only way to get rid of it is to use pest control methods. Pest control is an important point for carpet care. There are many pest control sprays in the market that you can get to get rid of those nosy termites.


Why Should I get my Carpets Steam Cleaned?

Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method used to clean off dust, dirt, and bacteria from your carpet. It is important because it gets rid of bacteria and dirt from the carpet’s fiber.

Why is my Carpet Heavy?

Carpets get heavy if they have a lot of dust and dirt in them. To avoid this, clean your carpets regularly. This will not only get rid of dust but also bacteria, that could be harmful to your health.

Why Does my Carpet Look Worse After Shampoo Cleaning?

Shampoo cleaning can leave detergent on your carpet. This can make it look bad and rough. It is better to use a carpet rinse to get rid of the leftover detergent or get your carpet steam cleaned.

How Can I Keep My Carpet Cleaned for a Longer Time?

Carpets get heavy if they have a lot of dust and dirt in them. To avoid this, clean your carpets regularly. You can get carpet protectors from us, we have the finest product for your carpets.