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7 Best Carpet Cleaning Products for Your Carpet

Best Carpet Cleaning Products- Shiny Cleaners Mississauga, Milton, and Oakville

Carpet cleaning products for stain removal

Are you tired of your carpet because of all the stains it has and the odor it causes in your whole house? You tried everything at home to get rid of them but failed. Now, you are wondering what to do. Should you replace your carpet?

Hold on there. Instead of replacing your carpet, why not clean it well?

In this blog, we will be sharing the best carpet cleaning products that you can use to get rid of stains, dirt, and odor from your carpet, and make them look new. These carpet cleaning products will not only get rid of those stains but will also deodorize your carpets. We assure you that all the products on our list are reliable and user-friendly.

Our expert team at Shiny Cleaners has done proper patch tests to make sure these carpet cleaners are safe for carpets. We aim to share those carpet cleaning products with you that will not do any harm to your carpets.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Carpet Cleaning Product

Type of Carpet Cleaning Product

Carpet cleaning products came in 4 different types, you can buy the one that best suits your requirement. The types are as follows:

  1. Foam: When the carpet cleaning product is sprayed on the carpet or stain, it forms a foam. Less water is needed when cleaning your carpet with foam cleaners
  2. Liquid: You can also use liquid carpet cleaners in your carpet cleaning machines while cleaning
  3. Powdered: These cleaners are in powder form. You have to sprinkle the product over your carpet or stain
  4. Specialized: These cleaners are designed for a particular purpose, such as to get rid of pet urine stains

Ingredients in the Product

All cleaning products have chemicals in them, but make sure these chemicals are not dangerous for your children and pets. Products that contain phosphates should be avoided at all costs as they are dangerous. Also, carefully study the ingredients of a carpet cleaning product you choose and make sure it is safe to use on your particular carpet.

Carpet Stain Protection

The main purpose of carpet cleaning products is to get rid of any stains, and discoloration from your carpet and make it look fresh. However, products that have stain protection powers take the lead among all of the products. Stain protection protects your carpet from any future stains as it does not let dust and dirt stick on your carpet.

Carpet Deodorizer

Try to get products that have deodorizers in them as well. Especially in cases of odor, carpet cleaners that have deodorizer in them help to get rid of the foul odor from your carpets and give them a lovely scent. Households that have pets should always go for pet stain removers that are also made to get rid of odors.

Scent of the Cleaning Product

Scented carpet cleaners make your whole house smell fresh and lovely. Everyone likes scented carpets, however, preference for scent varies. While some like lavender scents, there are people who do not. This is why we suggest you carefully look at the packing of the carpet cleaning product to find out about its scent.

Product Safety

Make sure the carpet cleaning product contains non-toxic ingredients, this is not only important for you but also for your family and pets.

Our Top Favorite Carpet Cleaning Products

Shiny Cleaners has been cleaning the carpets of its prized customers living in Mississauga, Milton, and Oakville for many years. We have used the finest equipment and carpet cleaning products just to provide you with the best service. Be it carpet cleaning, rinsing, repair, or carpet protection, our carpet experts do their best to give you a wonderful experience.

We aim to help you with whatever capacity we can, this is why here is the list of our top 7 carpet cleaning products. You can get any of these to solve minor carpet accidents at home.

Resolve Spot + Stain Carpet Cleaner

Just remove the extra dirt on the stained area and then spray Resolve Spot + Stain Carpet Cleaner over it. Let the carpet cleaner sit over the stain for a maximum of 5 minutes and then blot out the stain.

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Rating: 5/5

Why Should You Buy it?


Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover

Folex is just amazing. It loosens the stain on your carpet and quickly removes it. What you have to do is just spray Folex on the stain, wait for 5- 6 minutes so that it acts well. Now, blot out the stain from the carpet with a white-colored cloth or towel. Its specialty is that dirt does not get attached to the carpet once it is used.

You can order this carpet cleaning product, online from Amazon.

Rating: 5/5

Why Should You Buy it?


Ecozone Carpet Shampoo

Just as the name suggests, Ecozone Carpet Shampoo is an environmentally friendly product. Make a diluted solution by using the product in a 1:10 ratio. Apply the diluted solution on the stain and leave it there for 2-3 minutes. Now wipe off the stain using a light-colored cloth, preferably white.

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Rating: 4.7/5

Why Should You Buy it?


Hg Spot and Stain Spray

Spills can happen, which can later turn into rough stains. You try everything to avoid spills on your carpet, but nothing seems to work out. Hg Extra Strong Stain Spray is an instant stain remover that you can keep in your kitchen cabinet for such accidents. The process is simple. Just spray Hg Extra Strong Stain Spray on the stained area, leave it for some time and blot it out using a soft piece of white cloth.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Why Should You Buy it?


Bissell 9352C Spot & Stain Pet Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Pet grime can be a bit difficult to get rid of. These stains can get stuck into the carpet yarn and become impossible to clean. What you may not realize is that these stains can cause bad odors and bacteria to build up over time. This is why it is important to get rid of pet stains as soon as possible.

This pet stain remover is a keeper. You can quickly get rid of the pet grime with this product.

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Rating: 4.7/5

Why should You Buy it?


Dr Bechmann Carpet Stain Remover

Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover is specifically designed to get rid of difficult pet stains. Also, there is a brush attached to the bottle of the cleaner to avoid any leftover stains.

Just turn the bottle of Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover upside down to wet the brush. Now apply the stain remover on the stained area, gently rub and blot out the left-over with a soft white cloth.

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Rating: 4.5/5

Why Should You Buy it?


Woolite Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Another pet stain remover we have on our list is Woolite. This product not only actively gets rid of pet stains, but also acts as a sanitizer for your carpets. Its special formula kills 99% of the bacteria on your carpet and leaves an amazing scent that tackles odor. Woolite makes sure that your children and pets stay safe.

You can buy this carpet cleaning product from Amazon.

Rating: 4.5

Why Should You Buy it?


Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Know Which Carpet Cleaner is Best for My Carpet?

It is important to know the type of your carpet. Just check the bottle for instructions and ingredients. They will help you to make the right decision. Also, carpet cleaners come in many types such as spray, liquid, and powder. You can buy the one that best suits you.

Are All Carpet Cleaners Good for My Carpets?

Always do a patch test to see the results of a carpet cleaner because not all cleaners are made for all carpet types.

Is Steam Cleaning Better Than Shampooing?

Yes. Steam cleaning works better than shampoo cleaning as it lasts longer.

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