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Carpet Protection

Do you enjoy walking barefoot on your plush carpet or even textured carpet? That soft carpet yarn under your feet is just a comfortable feeling after a long tiring day. But, these soft pieces of comfort can turn into a hard surface if you do not focus on carpet cleaning and carpet protection. Dust and liquid spills destroy the yarn of your carpet as they get stuck deep into it. This causes the yarn in your carpet to become rough and tight, reducing the life of your carpet. So, you see, carpet care is very important for your carpet’s texture and life.

We, at Shiny Cleaners, are providing carpet cleaning and carpet protection services to our valued customers living in Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, and Toronto. Our aim is to save your carpet from wear and tear; leaving it as good as new!

At Shiny Cleaners, our experts carefully place a protection film on your carpet, protecting it from dust, dirt, bacteria, and spills.

Our Carpet Protection Service Features:

  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Quick

Importance of Carpet Protection:

  • Carpet protection keeps the fiber of your carpet separate and soft.
  • It helps protect your carpet from liquid spills and stains.
  • Prevents stains from penetrating deep into your carpet.
  • Makes your carpet dust-resistant.
Why Should You Choose Shiny Cleaners?

We only use the finest carpet protectors for our customers. We take pride in the fact that the products we use are environmentally friendly.

Are carpet protectors safe?

Yes, they are. We believe it is our social responsibility to use harmless carpet protection film for our customers. Our carpet protectors are completely safe for children and pets.

How do we keep improving our services?

We strive to be the best in carpet cleaning and carpet care services; and yield phenomenal results while keeping a biodegradable mindset. Our Shiny Cleaners stay updated with the latest cleaning technology and keep experimenting with formulas. Because for us, customer satisfaction and needs are what make the top of our priority list.

Our Services:

Since you are our top priority, we offer and design carpet cleaning and care services with you in mind. You only need to give us a call, and we will have your plush carpet protected in no time.


Bricks and mortar make a house, but your things and favorite people make a home. This is why we understand how important your carpet is to you, afterall it is with you wherever you go in your home. However, dust and germs can destroy the look of your plush carpet, and ultimately the entire look of your room. Shiny Cleaners’ service is here to return your carpet to its shining glory. Our goal is to help you save money in two ways:

  • Provide you with an affordable carpet protector

  •  Save you from buying a new carpet

After we apply the carpet protector on your carpet, the results will astound you. We guarantee that you will fall in love with your plush carpet again. As we save your carpet from going into the dump, we are also saving the environment from unnecessary waste; which is now more important than ever.


Your office reflects your business, because your client meets the office before meeting you. Dust, mud, ink, and spills can make your carpet look rough and dirty. Now, who would want to work with a person who doesn’t even have a clean office? You could lose potential clients who would have boosted your business, and at the same time, the reputation of your office would be in jeopardy. Would you want to be in a situation like this? No, right?

The solution: Get your office carpet cleaned and protected. And, who could service your carpet better than Shiny Cleaners?

Our commercial customers are very dear and important to us. You won’t need frequent carpet cleaning too, since your carpet is now protected with a carpet protection film. Give us a call for a free quote, and get your carpet shining as bright as your business.

For your ease, we offer carpet protection services to our commercial customers on weekends too, so you don’t have to sacrifice precious office hours to get your carpet up to scratch again.

The Process:

  • Call us and book an appointment with us
  • We arrive at your place within 24 hours*, at a time convenient for you
  • We start with wiping off the dust from your carpet
  • Then, using steam cleaning equipment, it is deep cleaned
  • The carpet is left to dry completely
  • Next, we deodorize the freshly cleaned carpet
  • Finally, we spread our carpet protector over your carpet for protection against all germs and spills.

Carpet servicing has never been this easy before. Even if you vacuum your carpet daily, stains stay behind; however, carpet protectors at Shiny Cleaners will make it easy for you to blot out stains. This way your carpet stays protected from all sorts of stains and odors. Your carpet will not only last longer, due to fewer bacteria and dust; but will also have a fresh new scent.

Client Testimonials

Great people and the highest possible quality of work. Customer service is # 1.

Warren J


Switched here after another cleaner ruined my carpet. Great staff!

Jonathan B


What a fantastic company! They were on time, polite and did an excellent job.

Richard & Jane

Very conscientious, friendly and accommodating - great job all the way around.

Mark M


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