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5 Affordable and Easy Ways to Dry Wet Carpets

Dry Wet Carpet

Carpets are placed in houses for warmth, comfortableness and providing a good look but they can get dirty and wet easily. To dry wet carpets properly can be quite a job and you have to act quickly. A wet carpet will ruin the look, material and the odor of the carpet as well as the room. You can clean or dry the mess by yourself with help from electrical appliances or with household items. Small carpet spills can be cleaned with the help of few items. Large spills such as a water leak, flood or spilling large amounts of liquid can damage the carpet seriously but you can dry wet carpet with the help of some appliances.

Drying wet carpets is no easy task and needs to be done carefully so we at Shiny Carpet Cleaners have prepared this blog detailing some affordable and easy ways to dry wet carpets. However, to avoid causing further damage to the carpet if you can’t dry the wet carpet by yourself, then its better if you call professional carpet cleaners.

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5 Different Ways to Dry Wet Carpets

Carpets absorb liquids but they don’t dry easily so the wet carpet needs to be dried quickly so that the spill doesn’t expand and doesn’t damage the carpet surface and fibers more. The following are the methods and their steps about how to dry wet carpets. For further information you can refer to this blog on how to dry wet carpets.

Fans and Dehumidifier

This electrical appliance works very good in drying carpets. If you have a ceiling fan which is placed directly above the carpet your carpet will dry quite easily. It creates a concentrated funnel of air which will dry the carpet. Any nasty odor will be replaced as it also circulates the air.

A dehumidifier is also very effective in drying carpets. Rent or buy dehumidifiers as it also prevents mold and moisture growth in flood prone areas. It is also used in some large spills. The dehumidifier will take up the air which is converted to water and draining it is also necessary for the machine to carry on.

Steam Cleaning

A very effective and eco-friendly way of drying wet carpets is this steam cleaning. If your carpet had suffered a large spill steam cleaning can deep clean and it will take up the water as well as cleaning any bacteria or toxin. Remove the furniture in the room and open the windows in order to circulate the air. Then use the steam cleaner and clean very thoroughly and also go in sections. Follow these steps on how to steam clean.

Dry-Wet Vacuum

A dry-wet vacuum should be used for drying a wet carpet as it is built for taking in water. Do not use a vacuum which is not used to taking in water as it will damage your vacuum. Make sure to attach the filter which will take in the water. Plunge the cleaner deep in the carpet so that it can take up as much water as possible.


Towels are an absorbent material and it can take up the water with few simple steps. Pick a towel and spread it on the stain. Apply pressure until the towel has absorbed as much water as it can. Repeat the process until you find a damp towel after spreading it over the spill.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very easy and simple method for drying wet carpets. Most people have baking soda in their house and in a few steps baking soda can be used to dry wet carpets. Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda Then let it sit for 30 minutes. It will dry your wet carpet with also absorbing moisture and also the nasty odor. Then vacuum the residue so it can freshen up.

Now, we are listing down some common wet carpeting issues and some general information below on how to get the wet carpet dry. These two scenarios are one related to a soaking wet carpet and how to dry it and the other is the wetting of the carpet padding and how to dry that.

Soaking Wet Carpet

Water leak or a flood can damage your furniture and your carpet is vulnerable to the liquid. The odor of the room will be terrible and the look of the room will be damaged. The damage should be reverted instantly so that further damage can be prevented. The carpet should be dried immediately so you won’t be forced to replace the carpet. You can also call a professional carpet cleaner to dry wet carpet. You can also dry the carpet by yourself. You can read the following on how to dry wet carpet. Another blog which can help you is this one.

Drying Soaking Wet Carpet

First you have to extract the water which is on the carpet. If the carpet is entirely soaked then you will have to use a pump and a vacuum. If the spill is not all over the carpet then only the shop vacuum can dry the wet carpet. After extracting the water place absorbent towels on the spill and press them on the spill. Circulate air by using fans and dehumidifiers after using towels. You can also use a hairdryer and place it close to the carpet. Then also replace the carpet padding. The process for replacing padding is mentioned below. You can also call professional carpet cleaners for drying wet carpet padding.

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding can be made of nylon, rubber and fiber and more types of materials. It’s functions are to minimize the stress or pressure on the floor. It comforts your feet and also reduces noise. It also reduces the stains from going into your sub-floor. So after a huge spill such as a huge leak or flood replacing and drying your carpet padding is necessary. It will absorb the water but won’t dry because of not being open to fresh air which dries your carpet. If you don’t act quickly and dry the padding it can lead to dampness, mold growth and damages the carpet. You can also read this blog for more further information on drying wet carpet padding.

Drying Carpet Padding

The materials you need for replacing carpet padding can be a dehumidifier, air conditioner, wet vacuum, towel or cloth, carpet disinfector and baking soda. Firstly, circulate the air and turn on the dehumidifier or air conditioner. You may also open the doors and windows. Then remove the carpet. Dry the carpet with the sun then sanitize it. Before opening the carpet make sure to be wearing masks and safety gloves. Then use the water vacuum and take up water. Then sprinkle baking soda to absorb the liquid and blow the fan at a distance from the baking soda. Roll the padding back and sterilize the surface. This is the method for dry wet carpet padding.


How long does the wet carpet take to dry?

Usually, it depends on the time of the year and humidity. It also depends on the amount of liquid spilled. Most of the time to dry wet carpet it will take 12-24 hours.

Can a wet carpet be saved?

If the padding and the carpet are both wet within 48 hours you can replace the padding and dry the carpet.

Will a heater dry wet carpet?

Yes heaters can dry wet carpets but that would mean pairing it with a dehumidifier to get better results.

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